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        Zhejiang Theological Seminary

        Zhejiang Theological Seminary was established in Oct. 1984 by Zhejiang CC&TSPM. In 2011, the State Administration of Religious Affairs of P. R. C. ratified Zhejiang Theological Seminary to become the advanced Christian theological seminary. 

        Now the seminary offers four-year undergraduate program. It has 22 full-time teachers, 19 of which hold master or doctor degree. The seminary also has 30 part-time teachers. 


        The seminary is to develop students' abilities in an all-round way, focusing on culture and patriotism alike. The school culture emphasizes on faith, hope and love. It helps students improve the ability of self-management and encourages them to learn proactively, independently and creatively. The seminary provides grant and scholarship so as to offer more opportunities for excellent students.


        Address: 1425 Jiangling Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

        Tel: 0571-86888006

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