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        NUTS Holds “Walking on Green Pastures” Welcome Party
        2019-11-02 Source: this site

        On the evening of October 23, 2019, Nanjing Union Theological Seminary (NUTS) organized a party themed “Walking on Green Pastures” to welcome new students in the seminary’s auditorium.

        The party was hosted by four new students. Rev. Chen Yilu, deputy executive president of NUTS addressed the evening gala, extending warm welcome towards the new students. Vice President Rev. Chen Bin prayed for the party and all the students.


        As melody went on, Liaoning Fellowship first performed a dance with great enthusiasm and vigor, conveying the conviction that “with man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God”.


        Jing (Beijing) Jin (Tianjin) Jin (Shanxi) Fellowship and Ji (Hebei) Lu (Shandong) Wan (Anhui) Fellowship prepared comic sketch, showing the college life of the students in NUTS.


        Su (Suzhou) Zhe (Zhejiang) Hu (Shanghai) Gan (Jiangxi) Fellowship, together with Jilin Fellowship sang a choir “So Grateful To Have You” to express their willingness of devoting themselves in return for the grace of the Lord.



        Four brothers from Henan Fellowship performed the classical “three sentences and a half” with percussion instruments.

        Brothers and sisters from Guangdong and Fujian Fellowship, speaking Cantonese, Chaoshan dialect and Hakka dialect, contributed a drama named “Wake up”.


        Xinjiang Fellowship performed a cross talk “Recalling the Old Days”.

        Sisters from Nanjing presented a classic dance called “The Lord Is The One And Only” and brothers from Nanjing performed a show of Chinese martial arts “The Path Of The Pilgrim”.



        Songs named “A New Song for Dongting” and “Liangzhu” were performed in creating both audio and visual enjoyment by using multiple elements, such as zither, clarinet, Ocarina, piano, drawing, and art of tea.

        In the end, brothers and sisters from Inner Mongolia Fellowship dressed in Mongolian costumes gave a dance-and-sing program “Ode to Prairie”.


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